Prerequisites for Initiator Training

Initial Steps

  1. You need to have been practicing Vedic Meditation regularly for at least 12 months.
  2. You must have completed Exploring the Veda Parts 1-6 as presented by Thom Knoles and administered by an Initiator in good standing. If you have not taken this course you can do so before commencement of the training in January.  Please contact us for more information on completing Exploring the Veda Parts 1-6.
  3. Fill out the official application. Submit yours by using our online form.
  4. Once you are accepted into the program, you will receive an email with deposit instructions. We recommend paying your deposit or full fee as soon as possible to secure your spot on IT2014.

Course Guidelines

The extensive Rounding program of the IT course has been designed to guarantee the ultimate de-excitation of the body so that even the deepest-seated stresses will not be able to resist their release.  Toward that end, there are a few simple guidelines we will be following:

  1. We will be eating an exclusively vegetarian diet.
  2. We will avoid any physical exercise during the course beyond the Vedic Yoga practised in the Rounding program and some short, leisurely walking.
  3. As a full immersion program, access to telephone and the Internet is highly limited.  Plan on having as few worldly responsibilities as possible during your time away.  Prior to your arrival at the Sattva Centre, prepare contingencies in order to minimize all outside distractions.  There will be no time-off until graduation day.
  4. There will be no outside visitors (friends and family) allowed for the duration of the course.
  5. We will have no coffee, although tea is permitted. Plan on stepping down your caffeine intake before commencing the course.
  6. Celibacy will be observed by all course participants.
  7. For double occupancy accommodations, opposite sex room sharing will not be permitted under any circumstances.