Become an Initiator of Vedic Meditation

Graduates of IT2022 are endorsed by Thom Knoles to be Initiators of Vedic Meditation.

Dear Vedic Meditator,

For decades, it has been my joy and responsibility to offer my historic residential training program to become a teacher, an “Initiator”, of Vedic Meditation.

For a Vedic Meditator, there is no greater level of knowledge, experience, capability and standing available in our worldwide community than what is conferred by graduation from my program.  It is the absolute gold-standard of Initiator Training.

I invite you to consider the possibility of joining me and my colleagues in Vedic Meditation to become an Initiator in our wonderful tradition.

The twelve weeks of extensive and intensive training and personal growth that take place in our unique Himalayan setting provide an unparalleled and incomparable experience.

In a long life, occasionally opportunities present themselves for us to challenge all our assumptions and to take a leap of progress that becomes life changing.  This invitation to you – to let me train you to do what I do, to allow me to show you how you can be a master of Vedic knowledge – is one of those lifetime opportunities.

The demand for more teachers of this meditation is increasing day by day.  As an Initiator you will join me in bringing this great, important knowledge to the people of the world.  It is the urgent need of our time.

In addition, Initiator Training gives you a career in teaching something for which there is an inexhaustible demand, since the numbers of non-meditators in the world today is in the billions.  You can never run out of people to teach.

Life as an Initiator is life in the tidal waves of joyfulness – life in bliss-consciousness.

Please consider seriously my offer to train you.  Study carefully what is involved, but don’t hesitate to say “Yes”.  To do so is to accept and to claim your heritage; to have the best, to be the best, and to do the best for yourself and for the world.

Love & Jai Guru Deva,

Thom Knoles
Maharishi Vyasanand Saraswati

All new graduates of Vedic Meditation Initiator Training as taught by Thom Knoles are given special recognition by Shri Shri 1008 Mahamandaleshwar Swami Kailashanand Brahamchari Maharaj, Supreme Authority of the Vedic Tradition.